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Not only that but for STF's me weren't never truly end-game I did them to get the gear I needed to help new fleet members and to get Dilthium for advancing the fleet, which is a long drawn out end-game process. Now the fleet is on the back burner and in danger of being disbanded and my interest in the game if this weekend is anything to go by will wain.
This. With removal of loot bags and large part of dilithium from STFs (if you think that 960+ 1/5 of 1k dil project is roughly the same amount, you are deluding yourself) Craptic managed to kill off the social side of STFs, they are no longer a fleet-bonding activity, just a tedious chore. No need to gear for Borg, since all everyone needs is one ISE run every 2 days. If anyone is queueing for other STF, its for the sake of good old times.

I wouldn't be surprised if removing the player counters from queue window and disabling private games were intentional in order to obscure dwindling numbers of players playing STFs/FAs.
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