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Originally Posted by hereticknight085 View Post
You mean like a REAL fleet Oddy or something like that? Or are you referring to the infamous Jupiter class XD.

Cuz in all honesty, the Fleet Oddy cannot compare to the C-store ones, same for the Bortas. If they were to go with this, I would say make the fleet version of the Oddy/Bort able to have all 3 consoles equipped, but without using any of the 10 consoles. Make them have extra slots, like hangars are on carriers, and able to put the unique consoles there XD. Then you would have the additional consoles like regular fleet ships, and also give both of those +.05 to their shield mod (bring it up to 1.2). And if you want to be truly cruel, give them an additional +4200 hp each. So there you have it folks, +10% hp, and a small shield boost, and the ability to have all 3 consoles and still have 10 engi/sci/tac consoles. I would say that's acceptable as a fleet version of those ships.

BUUUUUUUT probably a little OP. Ok who am I kidding, OP AS BALLZ!!!! However, on a side, note, these ships are supposed to be the flagships, so maybe them being a little OP wouldn't be so bad. But at least if this was put in, it would give it to both KDF (Bortas), and Starfleet (Odyssey). And if they put this in, I would get the bort 3 pack and both the bort and oddy fleet ships. I WOULD pay money for this (mostly cuz I love my oddy that much lol).

Don't take this too seriously though, since I know 1) It will never happen, 2) If it does, it won't happen ANYTHING like what I just put down, and 3) The uproar here and in game... will be quite tumultuous. XD
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Fleet sovy would be a T5 shipyard ship. So no need to implement it for like another half year anyway....
It will take to long to get it, if they do decide to put it there it better be worth it for being such a high tier.