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11-20-2012, 04:38 AM
Originally Posted by markhawkman View Post
Um.... "community" in STFs? Most STFs I was in prior to S7, the team never even TALKED! Sooo.... business as usual. I like that this gives people a new incentive to play Defera. Defera isn't bad but it was kinda boring before since the rewards were weak.

Oh, and Mine Trap rocks! Want quick rep for the romulan side? one run through of Min trap will usually net between 30 and 45 rep.
Then you were already playing in isolation no doubt in pugs so your opinion on the matter is irrelevant. Many of us played through the STF channels and found the content was fun because we had friends playing, had great conversations and helped one another. That has been destroyed.

So we've gone from mindless STF pugging with no interaction and a community of STF channels with a fun and enjoyable aspect to... all boring isolated grind content.

Please... all you ever do is come on here and spout the same old line about how great the game is for you. Well I'm not you and it seems there are more people in the chat channels and on the forum that are unhappy with the ramifications of these changes.