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11-20-2012, 05:58 AM
It is official, I have to my satisfaction found that an escort will out-tank a cruiser for high end challenging PvE gameplay.

Assumption: If the encounters are so difficult that a dedicated tank is required then so will be a dedicated healer. In addition efficiency will become the deciding factor in tanking capacity. Otherwise anyone could just cross-heal with a few copies of standard abilities.

Tank Goal: To hold agro and to be capable of mitigating/avoiding more damage than anyone else.

Abilities: A combination of Emergency Power to Shields 1, Extend Shields 1, Transfer Shield Strength 1, combined with a maco shield and 125 shield power grants a ship 73% shield resists vs Plasma. 75% is the cap and the only ability listed there that needs to be on the tank would be the Epower. In addition any of those skills could be used at a higher rank to close that gap a bit. That makes the deciding factor between the cruiser or escort in tanking capacity the bonus defense score, and the escort wins that contest. In addition they would be better at holding agro and with a combination of attack pattern delta and omega be even better at mitigating damage and debuffing the enemy at the same time. Sadly a Tac captian would be better as the escort tanker due to the ability to keep the above two attack patterns active during difficult encounters and being more capable of holding agro as well. Finally while you would assume a cruiser would be the default healer for this role that would be a mistake as well, a Sci Vessel would do just as well if not better.

Best Tank = Steamrunner (2x Epower, 2x RSP)
Runner Up = Fleet Patrol