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11-20-2012, 05:59 AM
My solo fleet ground to a halt. Limiting factor is Fleet Marks, the majority of which I was getting via the Officer dailies.

I had fully expected it to take until Februrary for me to complete to tier 3, but with the removal of the dailies giving 50 fleet marks, the reality is it'll never finish.

Pretty much changed me from logging in twice a day to logging in when I've nothing better to do. Pushing STO down my priority list means it's not likely to get any discretionary spending from me.

While the dailies might have been a problem for dilithium generation, the blunt act of just canning them while reorganising them has killed me mood to play.

Before anyone chimes in and says "just join a larger fleet, solo play isn't for MMO's" have a think about what's likely to happen if my goal lasting to February is completed effectively instantly. Game over.

The Fleet mark issue needs resolved or Starbases are going to die, either quickly (like mine) or a slow death for intermediate sizes.