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Originally Posted by virusdancer View Post
I play to have fun.

Winning or losing means nothing... there's no cake, no pie, not even a piece of toast.

It's not back in the day with UO, SB, AO, nor EVE - it's not even ranking in WoW.

It's extremely casual PvP... I play to have fun.

Some people take it far too seriously... if I was going to lose my stuff, if I was going to lose territory - my city - etc, etc, etc... then yeah, play to win - play to crush.

STO though? Heh, lol...
We all play to have fun, but some of us play to win and have fun in the progress. Pherhaps there isnt a ranking system in place, but reputation means everything to a person and a fleet: To stand victorious in all battles and remain unbeaten.
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