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Originally Posted by pvehero View Post
being one-shot is not:
- fun
- challenging
- interresting
- a chance to show off skill.
That's weird, I don't get OS in this instance. So, unless you play captain kirk with fire at will, a tac on a cruiser with a poor build (show me your abilities tray and i'll let you know ), you won't get OS. Of course this instance requires you to play smart.

The unimatrixes torp spread aren't "visible" but as long as you run two copies of emergency power to shields, and as long as you acutally USE them constanly to get the damage resist (a TSS is advised to fill the 15 sec gap), you can't get OS. The unimatrixes only OS people who don't know how and when they have to click. And the queen might OS an escort but only if you don't know how to fly it, because if your team doesn't get into the 5km deadly area it's ok.

Just make sure that in your team:
- you have a good sci on a sci ship, or better, on a carrier
- you have a heal boat played by an eng.
- tacs know when they have to run away quickly and ask for support to their team mates instead of trying to kirk the instance
- tacs on escorts just don't stop like idiots waiting for the death sentence, because they need their defense bonus
- people have played HSE at least 5 times each and know the blind or safe spots
- people have a decent build with at least two copies of EPTS and at least one HE.

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