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Originally Posted by adamkafei View Post
That still fails to balance healing from ship to ship, hull healing on cruisers is too low because it is a fixed number (Based on certain factors, max hull not being one) and as such you have to find a balance where cruiser healing is enough while not making escort healing too good.

Make all healing a percentage of maximum X stat (Hull, shield etc.) then apply whatever variables and cruiser healing is good and escort healing not so good.

With regard to consoles, flekh and I proved in this thread that tac consoles, like eng consoles suffer diminishing returns, what I would like to see is the damage output from NPCs made reasonable so that engineering consoles feel like they have some effect rather than being overwhelmed in 1 hit.
No they do not have diminishing returns, each one adds a FLAT amount to the damage. Always have always will, granted they do function similarly to eng consoles as far as the damage increase being measured as a % goes but that is not the same thing. Granted they do mirror the increase of EHP that eng consoles give also measured as a % and its why eng consoles must have diminishing returns or things get broken.