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What the Hell are Energy Credits anyways? Aside from being the ingame currency alongside Dilithium, Gold Pressed Latinum, Lobi Crystals, & Marks.

I mean the age old argument as to why Energy Credit Currency for the Federation.

Is there a lack of energy in the Federation? LOL

Unto the OP subject, yeah the projects its a bit of a strain on player's pockets, that is if you're not a multienergynaire.
Do you want an IC reason for Energy Credits or the OOC reason?

IC -

The Federation adopted the Energy Credit system when trading with the Klingon Empire as it was the Empire's standard of currency, since then they've adopted it as a method of controlling access to resources within the Federation.


It's simply a futuristic sounding term that represents the money that doesn't exist in the Star Trek society since TNG onwards for the players to use to place a value on items within game.