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Originally Posted by sorceror01 View Post
Something I've noticed concerning the Temporal Lock Box and the associated paraphernalia in the Lobi store:
Ultimate Lock Box Prize in the form of the 29th century Wells class Time Ship, with supplemental Aeon class Time shuttle in the Lobi store;
Phaser weapons based off the ones seen wielded by the crew of the U.S.S. Relativity, also 29th century based technology;
And yet, when they got around to offering us up a uniform to compliment all this wonderful 29th century tech, we get...
... the 31st century Time Traveler jumpsuit seen by Crewman Daniels in Enterprise?
I mean, I didn't check the forums when the Lock Box and satellite gear was revealed so maybe this was pointed out already, but why didn't we get the 29th century Starfleet uniforms that are actually related to all the time travel tech we got with this lock box?
And frankly, the Time Traveler jumpsuit is kind of lackluster compared to the rather spiffy (in my opinion at least) 29th century uniforms worn by Braxton and Ducane, and the rest of the Relativity crew. Why didn't we get the actual Relativity uniforms?
It's like, you're in the last stretch of a relay race, you're almost there, and you trip yourself on purpose: they gave us everything else, the weapons, the actual class of starship itself, but then choked on the uniform.
It's not so much that I'm complaining, mind you. Just kinda confused as to who's call this was and why they made this particular decision. And to also point out that I'd probably hock up either some cash or some Lobi for an honest-to-Great Bird of the Galaxy 29th century Starfleet uniforms.
Trust me, I've been asking myself and any dev who will hear me out the same question as to why the Crewmen Daniels 31st Century jumpsuit was even ever a focus of this lock box run... it should of been saved for an 31st Century Lockbox... I don't want to say there is a ball of rage welling up inside me, rage is so beneath what I'm feeling at the moment, for once in my entire time with the game ( been around since PE was developing the title ) I'm feeling disappointed and let down, I dropped nearly $100 into keys and opened more boxes than any person in there right mind should have, and the continued passing of the buck on the subject of the 29th Century Uniforms has honestly given me no hope for the future of the game.

I don't mean to be all doom and gloom but when something I had been begging and hoping for, for the three year finally is going to be in game, I guess I just set myself up for it. I would of been better off just selling the keys on the exchange for EC and or not bought them in the first place. and in that moment of shaken faith in the game before the math was done I liquidated all my EDCs, Techs and Salvages for Dt. A move I'm regretting but it's to late now, so no use crying over it right. :p

It just sucks that the one game/community I use to kind of forget about the troubles of life, ends up depressing me more then life dose. O_o  1340247645
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