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11-20-2012, 07:15 AM
Simply put, dilithium costs have gotten far too expensive to actually be called "fun." We just hit T4 and are banging for the shipyard. I've waited, and grinded hard in anticipation of getting a F-AE. 900,000dil PLUS for the shipyard. How can this be? Do the devs actually PLAY as part of a fleet, do they not know that this price isn't "fun", it's back-breaking? As it is projects for the fleet are slowly grinding to a halt under the strain of both fleet and reputation requirements. How could the devs NOT have seen this coming?

Cryptic, whatever motive you had for shaping the game this way IS destroying all semblance of enjoyment. For Christ sake, I signed up to kill ships, explore and enjoy the company of people who feel passionately about the StarTrek IP, not to be a one-man Cash Cow for people who seem to have gotten far to greedy for my own good.

Something to consider: I have 24 other games on my box, and another soon to be loaded. If you, Dan, had the choice between playing a game that you love, but doesn't seem to give frak about you, or whether you're enjoying yourself, or a game like Skyrim, what would YOU do? I suspect that there are many of us who are being forced by STO's new "financial model" to make this stark choice. Again, I like STO, but I simply can't commit this much of my time and resources to it just to succeed at it.

What do I suggest that the devs do? I have no suggestions. You guys have to know that you've gone WAY too far with costs. Start there perhaps.

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