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Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Oki, lets use concret examples, and i want examples how I or others in my fleet have been using bugs or obvious gamebreaking exploits.

Have you seen me or any in my fleet use obvious bugs like the vold bug? If you do, tell me at once. How you seen any of us use cheap skills like grav pulse, AMS, grav anchor of late? Heck if Hilbert knew if anyone did, there would be a huge quarrel on vent.

edit: What other fleets or player do is their concern.
Er... I quoted what you said. Earlier in the thread you state that those who exploit bugs should maybe also be considered a nuisance - then - later in the thread you admit that you and your fleet have utilized broken stuff (under the premise of promoting change).

Why does somebody have to provide concrete examples of something that you have proudly proclaimed...?

If Ability A is supposed to do X, but instead it is doing Y - that's a bug - it's broken.
If X is supposed to affect Ability A in a certain way, but it is not - that's a bug - it's broken.
Just because something is not a gamebreaking bug - does not mean it is not a bug.

If you had just said that you utilized everything that Cryptic gave us - outside of bugged items/abilities - well, then that's just using everything that Cryptic gave us. Some might write that off as just the typical P2W stuff that takes place...

...but you made a point to exclude P2W from your statement. It was about using broken stuff. Whether one were ever to see you or your fleet in the game, they may have read what you said there - and - that leads to a reputation. A reputation that could taint anything else that you do.

Random Guy#1: Man, those guys are really good.
Random Guy#2: Hrmm, I read that they use broken stuff and admit it.
Random Guy#1: I wonder if they were using broken stuff when they beat us.
Random Guy#2: Might be best just to avoid them, eh?
Random Guy#1: Yeah, I guess. I'm kind of ticked now. I was giving them attaboys.

Like I said earlier in the thread - the only one of the three that's a pet peeve was the bragging part. That particular post from you - basically came off as saying anybody that didn't play to win (including broken stuff, but not P2W (yeah, explain that one)) is a scrub.

Hence why I asked what I did early on in our discussion here - whether you realized what you were saying and how it could affect reputation or not. If I'd had more caffeine at that time, I might have been more clear about it - and for that - I apologize.