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11-20-2012, 07:34 AM
Before season 7, I collect duty officers like stamps, for collection and for fun, doing missions here and there.

I take cadre and others from the academy, trade in the exchange, send some to fleet projects, upgrade for other with major rarity in the academy. And yes, buy some Z-store cadres to improve my collection.

Today, after season 7 launch, a lot of things changed.

You have to pay a lot of dilithium to upgrade your duty roster or take a common cadre. And paying officers to dialy fleet project become sometimes punitive if you as a casual or non-hardcore gamer.

Paying for Z-store cadres become less important. With 275 Zen you can take a lot of dilithium to buy other dutys from the academy or invest in your fleet projects, if you think if really worth.

Taking new duty skills, fleet modules, embassy provisions, special consoles, useless gama quadrand commodites or artifacts don't give me anything solid to invest my money on it.

The product looks good, but not really atractive. As player, I miss something wonderfull and unique to incentive me to buy this. As gold account player, become really less important, because the gold account can't give anything special if you open a cadre, a lockbox or pay zen for something in the STO.

If you want my money, give something special to incentive the gold or lifetime to buy your products, getting something nice and exclusive just because you use a gold account to buy and open lockboxes and Z-store cadres.

The cadre looks good because the duty officers, but really don't show to me enough reasons to invest my money. The Embassy provissions don't have value if you don't play the romulan reputation system, Fleet modules don't worth if you already have ships from Zen Store or just want to use the F2P ships, Alien artifact needs a purple set of dutys and only some have this today, and finally, the Gamma Quadrant consumables only works if you want to finish a rare duty mission or feed your tribble.

No unique ship, no special and unique space or ground items, no vanilla items, no special uniforms to KDF, no special features to unlock in your starbase or embassy, nothing to give a big smile if you find after opening a cadre...
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