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11-20-2012, 07:34 AM
Am I happy with Criptic compromise? Dilitium is harder to get. I have to play the whole night to get 8k dilitium on one toon. Can't do it with 3 toons.

You get less dilitium from doing missions, when they reintroduced dilitium into STF they reduced fleet action dilitium from 1444 to 480, why not keep the same.

Now you can only do one daily alert, do one in a sector and you can't do another into another sector until next day, why did they nerf that. Sometimes I could do 4-5 of those in a day moving about the galaxy and working on accolades, can't do it for dilitium anymore. Tholian alert is so hard to get into I just about gave up on it.

Everything cost more dilitium, Doffs in particular are a steal. What the f**k, we need those to do project and you overcharge us for them.

To add insult to injury they say average player refined 3500 dil a day. Well its getting real hard to get to that total on one toon now, let alone many. I loosing my will to play that game, its getting more a chores that playing. Need this go get it, need that go get it, need those get some, got no time to simply play now, all I do now is get ressources to do thing I don't really have a choice doing if I want to get the good stuf. And now we have literally **** as loot in STF to booth so I'm not gonna raise much EC with those.

And the final straw, SB24 and Cie. YOu guys get lucky and send into new instances? I get an already started instance 2 time out of 3, thats SUCKS big time. How to you get first when the instance is already half over, and getting first is the way to get the good stuf.

And that whole **** about scoring not been attached to DPS, BU**SH*T. I do with my engineer in my cruiser I get 2-3 and more and rarely first. When in my escort 1-2 sometimes 3. I know my escort with my engineer on board do about 4.5-5k dps, with cruiser 3.5-4k dps. Do a little math and you will know why I take escort into those.

To sum up they didn't compromise, they took it, made like they were giving us something back while taking it from somewhere else. People are getting fed up and you'll loose lots of them if you don't fix that soon.
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