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11-20-2012, 07:35 AM
Yeah, I don't usually agree with virus, but he makes a lot of good points.

First you say that using anything in the game to win, short of a bug like voldie, is necessary in order to not be a scrub. Then you say pay2win is not ok because you pay for skill instead of learning it? Exactly how is proving FAW was broken and then exploiting the hell out of it skill? Your very argument of being a scrub leads down the path of using every pay2win console that the devs send our way. Oh, and last time I played tsi members, you better believe they were ams'ing the hell out of me. I believe those players have moved onto GW, but lets not pretend they weren't around. One of you even made a post about not agreeing with them using it, but were willing to do nothing about it. Some of your guys, not all, cheese it up as much as anyone else for the sake of winning. When I grilled the person for using AMS, his response was the same as it always is. "Crytic won't fix it until enough people complain about it".

Btw, I've never run p2w, so I apparently am a scrub as well.

I'd love to see the entire community self police themselves to not use p2w. I don't believe that's realistic in the least bit though. Can it be cheesy? Yeah. Is there not other ways to also be cheesy? FAW, carrier drain builds, broken crap like tbr teams, Swarms of danubes, multiple vm ships, etc. you get the point