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11-20-2012, 08:46 AM
Originally Posted by devorasx View Post
Offcourse i realize it! And no need to apologize for a small miscommunication.
What im saying is we do what it takes to win and have fun while were at it. Our actions will speak for itself as well as our motives for using certain skills which some might consider broken. But then again you have people like Maikai and Hilbert coming out, giving metrics and data for a reason to promote change for the BETTER.
It wasn't "some" people, it was you guys that were saying it was broken, proving it was broken, then putting together full teams using those broken abilities. Is there any doubt as to which fleet had the most to do with making FAWscorts as popular as they became? That was because you guys amped up how broken FAW was by using them in scorts so much. You may not have been the first to ever put FAW on a scort, but you guys definately were the most effective with it.