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Originally Posted by sentinal3131 View Post
Anyone stating that the game is balanced is a fool. Not to sound too harsh but you are. the only way to play the game as close to being balance is to fight against the same faction. i disagree with a lot that is being said here, i am almost always in a team that seems to fight until the bitter end and 99% of the time the KDF win 15-0. i dont know if it is possible to show the official statistics but i would literally place my testicles on the line in a bet that the kdf win a hell of a lot more than the feds.
Lay them up and they will be smashed.
The KDF players are not OP compared to the Feds. It is a lie that has grown to be accepted as truth by those feds whom feel that we are OP becuase they do not do well against us more often than they would like.

i play both kdf and fed and when i play as kdf in pvp i have an easy time in almost any ship. i sit there and shoot, no tactics just shoot. as a fed player you have to spam every boff ability to stay alive.
I do the same thing when I slum it and play my Tac in a Defiant-R. So by this the feds are OP becuase its too easy to tank, kill and just plain PvP as a fed when I do so.

again people are fooling themselves if they think that kdf players are just naturally more skilled at pvp just because of kdf content, that is rubbish. i would bet that most fed players also have klingon characters and vise versa.
And they are fooling themselves if they believe the feds are at a disadvantage in PvP.

if you seriously think that it is balanced then im not sure that you understand what the word actually means. but as i stated i only pvp queue against feds now and it is a hell of a lot more fun.
Which is fine. Have fun.

i hope this catches on so that the constant unfair rapage stops.
LOL- thats why FvF was invented back when the Klingon where a little OP and all we had to do was PvP. The feds cried and the FvF que was born.

i think that one of the most fun aspects of the game, however, is to sit in a bop at kerrat cloaked and pray on poor fed cruisers even when outnumbered 4 feds to 1 klingon because you can almost always get away alive just after a kill. so much fun lol
Do it in a Defiant-R, and you will not have to leave after the first kill.

The KDF is not OP, though we do have our advantages just like the feds have thiers to seperate the gameplay some. Otherwise only the vessels are different and not by much.
The feds get better escorts and we KDF get better Battle Cruisers, but even then it can vary as many fed Cruisers are very good and the new fleet Raptors help the KDF escort defficiency. We have Siphon Drones and the feds have Danubes.
We both have access to cloaking.
After that there is no difference as all the powers are the same across the board for Players to use according to thier class.
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