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11-20-2012, 07:57 AM
Originally Posted by innuwarrior View Post
Didn't read the whole thread, I was glad at first that dilitium was reintroduced into stf. Well good play reduce fleet action dilitium to put it into dilitium. And now the game is a dilitium sink and its getting a lot harder to get it so not happy at all.

I think I'm gonna get that Diablo 3 game now. You're taking the fun out of this game.
I can understand this, but when you can make 1k+ dilithium just on DOFF assignments (effort required: near zero), it is hard to determine how 'alot harder' it is than before such changes.

I am still hoping the devs make adjustments for smaller fleets. With the addition of Embassies, the smaller fleets now have twice the demands if they want to keep up with the limited assignments (ours may miss being able to do the latest one because of the need to work on our Embassy).