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Thanks everyone. Glad you like them.

Originally Posted by nynik View Post
Thanks for sharing Tumerboy.

Can you give some insight as to why the city background changed so dramatically, e.g. going from what would have been buildings behind the wall to nothing (visible). You probably changed tac considering its a 'new' colony etc, but maybe some of those original tall buildings could have remained as metalwork structures in development like some assets of the wall have? Perhaps you took them out completely since we don't have a great vantage point on the ground (for the most part) to even see that much behind the wall to notice any metalframe buildings in any case?
The original "buildings" were just big whiteboxes, and were only there to represent the fact that that big circle was the city. It hadn't been decided what that whole thing was going to look like at that point, and it didn't matter for me to build the rest of the zone. Just had to be representational.

Originally Posted by nynik View Post
p.s. The one thing I'd add to the map myself, would be taking a leaf from the Salt Mine missions where you evacuate the miners, except in reverse. I'd like to see that amazing Romulan shuttle come in to land, some Romulan settler NPCs spawn from it, get greeted by one of D'tan's lackeys and then walk themselves up to and into the gates of the city. The shuttle takes off, and soon another arrives etc. It would give a greater feeling of activity to the area perhaps.
I agree, that would be super cool, but would require custom animations, and likely blocking off the whole landing pad to players.

Originally Posted by mattjohnsonva View Post
Awesome TACO, simply amazing the amount of work that goes into these projects. It was fairly obvious from first arriving on NR that a lot of thought, care, hard work and talent had gone into the whole map, but these gifs really show just how much and then some.

One question, what gif creator did you use as I'm always on the lookout for a good one for my fleet website.


ADDED: Again please consider a day night cycle, it would be awesome

Thanks, I just assembled them in Photoshop that we have here at work (CS4 or 5 I think?)

A day/night cycle could be nice, but it takes significantly more time to set up than people might think. And I didn't have that kind of time for NR.

Originally Posted by diogene0 View Post
That's really interesting, I like seeing the constant changes made on textures, colors (always softer after a few weird attempts) or props size (often getting much smaller than initillay intended).

Why do you often make props smaller btw?
Not sure. What props are you talking about?
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