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Originally Posted by emperormak View Post
I see a lot of people saying "I ran STF's for 3 days" or "I farmed STF's for a week" and I got full mk xii.

Well, what does that mean? 18 hours/day. 80 STF's/day. What?

Most players don't have the time or the patience to do that. You still ran hundreds of STF's to get what you wanted. Run hundreds of STF's now, and you'll have the same result. The only difference is that it won't be random and you can't do it immediately. You've got to wait a little. I realize that's tough, but it's not that tough. This new system is more accessible to the vast majority of players. I don't love it, but I understand why casuals might like it. Patience is a virtue or so I'm told.

Let's look at other games. WoW and DCUO are the 2 games I'm most familiar with outside this one. In both of those games, there's a waiting period before you can do endgame content again. It's not half an hour like STO. It's 3 days or a week. So, maybe you'd prefer that system. Do your Infected Ground Elite STF and then have to wait 7 days before you can do it again. Now how long will it take to get your mk XII se.
3-4 hour a day at most(9-12 STFs a day), if your competent enough to get optionals the salvage came extremely fast, you'd have a full set of MK XII weapons in less than a week, and probably at least one or two pieces of set gear.

I'd say it usually took ~60-70 eSTF runs to get all the weapon salvage, and honestly that's estimating high. It only took 7 or so to put yourself in a full Borg assimilated set. On my main, I had everything but my Engine by 100 runs, and that engine took me another 2-300.

STO doesn't have enough content to follow a WoW lockout model, nor is the content is does have of high enough quality or length.