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Originally Posted by patrickngo View Post
Why did the Klingons invade the Gorn Hegemony? it was NOT just cheap conquest, they had a genuine REASON-which is why Gorn officers join the KDF of their own free will, and Gorn shipyards are building Gorn vessels for Klingon crews.
It kinda is cheap conquest though. After they unmask the false Gorn leaders did they leave or "hang around"?

Personally I think that was part of the Iconian plan to stir up conflict between the two factions. Klingon intelligence has never been portrayed as above and beyond in any of the shows, so its a little surprising that suddenly they are the ones to notice that the Gorn are compromised. Not impossible or unbelievable, just a little out of the blue... makes me think it was all an Iconian plot. It had to be the Empire that found out though, they would predictably invade and conquer and it would cause a rift between them and the Federation.