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11-20-2012, 10:14 AM
not being funnie but they saying most players look at most players

a new account (dont realy need dill as wast as low lvls)
b dill items at low lvl become useless in 5-10lvls
c stf only got use due to the pay of dill and loot ( boring and pointless now)
d only real time u need dill is when u join a fleet and want to help build
d.1 u hit lvl 50 and u need zen for reskill
d.2 u hit lvl 50 and want a good ship from z-store
d.3 u hit 50 and want a carrier with good hanger bays

yes the 8k cap dose become a pain even befor the pointless changes due to like my fleet at tier 4 asking for 300k- stupid amounts of dill to get the job done (not counting embassy now)

most of the content in this game done once at low lvls and not realy done again most

most of the post here about the cap and dill changes is near to good points it SHOULDNT OF BEEN CHANGED

if u wanted more people to have dill pay (most players being low lvls) all u had to do is add smal amounts to things like the gorn mine filed normal pay and loot with a extra small pay of say 100 to 200 dill for the newbis (not that there realy use till lvl 50)

only change to stf's should of been little less loot and added the bnp (everyone happy)(game has not become a 9-5 job)

as an opion u could of added for fleets or in z-store the opion to incress the cap by 2k for players in fleets on tier3 and higher for the dill refine the even easyer part is befor any says it u add in the game a simple ui that if u join a fleet tier 3 for the extra 2k it stays active soon as u leave it deactive keeping u at the normal 8k it not hard to do this
this then for high tier fleets can do the stupid amounts of dill for fsb jobs + embassy

eceryone happy still and game still not 9-5 job + new pve's everyone still playing and happy

not this poop u have now that clearly see less players in the game and boring

p.s since the change of stf and borg chips ds9 is preity much a ghost town well done for that too

if ur going to keep the changes as is u need to cut all dill cost on fleet star base by half!!!!!!!!!

this is just my take on what should of happend others may think different and others may agree and others have different idears

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