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Originally Posted by coldicephoenix View Post
What I would have done is make the Remans and Romulans as two separate factions, with the Remans allying with the Empire and the Romulans with UFP.
That would have been cool and tied back to the Romulan FE's better.

Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
Its even more bizarre when you consider the Empire is using conquered peoples to command and crew ships. How they can justify Orion and Gorn captains at all is beyond me, the first are untrustworthy criminals the others are a conquered people... The number of ships disappearing or going rogue must be staggering.
Its a game mechanic done by the Devs to build the KDF into a reasonable faction rather than a adherence to how we have seen the Klingon Empire behave in the past.
One must adapt or be overcome by the federation.

I get the reasons WHY Cryptic did it, but from a lore point of view its nonsense. So much of the lore or story that affects the KDF sets them up like a house of cards, just a moment away from collapsing.

And now they're playing nice with Romulans, them wanting to change doesn't really make them any more likeable to the Empire since they are clearly turning into a people more in tune with the Federation.

If anything this was a wasted opportunity to highlight the Fed/Emp space war. Imagine what could be done if they made it revolve around the KDF attacking the fragile new colonies while Starfleet defended them. It doesn't even have to be PvP based. Throw in some Tal Shiar/Iconian hijinks and there you go.
I agree. We KDF could be trying to conquer the RSE while the feds are saving them.

Originally Posted by skyranger1414 View Post
It kinda is cheap conquest though. After they unmask the false Gorn leaders did they leave or "hang around"?
Hung around is my guess as many Gorn NPCs on Q'nos talk about rebelling against the KDF.

Personally I think that was part of the Iconian plan to stir up conflict between the two factions. Klingon intelligence has never been portrayed as above and beyond in any of the shows, so its a little surprising that suddenly they are the ones to notice that the Gorn are compromised. Not impossible or unbelievable, just a little out of the blue... makes me think it was all an Iconian plot. It had to be the Empire that found out though, they would predictably invade and conquer and it would cause a rift between them and the Federation
All part of the building of a new KDF.........though the Plot idea is sound as you can trust the KDF to take the advantage for conquest.

I just wish they would actually enlarge the Iconian subversion storyline with a KDF series of STFs, more missions, etc. etc.
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