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11-20-2012, 10:40 AM
Originally Posted by proteus22 View Post
yes i am for new carrier pets for both factions aquarius would fit as a heavy assualt boat . but here is some other ideas a anti cloaking screen drones lets say 4 launched at time ability to detect cloaked ships weapons 1 beam weapon one torp.
2 for klingons fase fighters fighters the fade in and out of cloak weapons one dc and one harpeng torp 3 launched at a time
Fyi, there are pets w/AoE decloaking capabilities. They've been around for awhile, people prefer to spam TBs/phasers though.

I don't like pet spam in general and in this game they're poorly balanced (siphon, ad frigs for kdf, TB/phaser spam Feds). The way the resists work, people's skills do a better job resisting Boff abilities than pets and consoles which is upside down imo.

Really what they need to do is treat pets like Boarding party and make people lose crew in a fight when their pets die and not regen the crew until the ship launching the carrier respawns.

In reality Cryptic can make $ off of pets so you'll see more of them and they won't be balanced so you can count on power creeping abilities.