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Also, Radiation:

The article on sensors might give you some good ideas:

The best thing to do, is to punch in the words you do know.. for example, if you want some kind of time travel.. punch in time travel. You'll see all the various situations in which people or ships went forwards or backwards in time. Just follow links from there. You'll usually get all the words you need from the articles.

Punching in "time Travel" finds an article on "Temporal Mechanics" with a list of many known time travel events, and a link to "list of time travel episodes".. you can go there and find individual plot synopsis for each time that time travel occurred. Next to "Yesterday's Enterprise" is a link that says "type: Temporal Rift".

In 2344, the USS Enterprise -C drifted through a symmetrical temporal rift, which itself was formed through the intense energy discharges of weapons fire as the ship defended the Klingon outpost at Narendra III from a Romulan attack


Sensor readings taken by the Enterprise-D indicated that the temporal rift was the formation of a Kerr loop from superstring material.
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