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Originally Posted by dimitranokai View Post
Yeah, the same items now take more time and are more expensive to acquire. Any previous progress has been taken away and held hostage.

I know a lot of people are fanboys, and I too really want to like this game...but yeesh, it does not take very long to analyze the situation and see how much worse things have gotten.

Depends on your viewpoint. If you thought easy fast gear was a great system,and obviously a lot of people do, then it's worse. I can understand that, even if I don't agree.

If you value a progressive gear and power climb that doesn't devalue gear (especially anything Mk X or XI) and gives long term benefits (ie captain unlock skills via rep), then it's better.

I have my issues, I think the lower tier gear is far too expensive; I think Romulan and fleet mark missions should give a small amount of dilithium(250ish). I think optionals should be rewarded by purple loot bags in eSTFs. Gear projects shouldn't take up a project slot in the reputation system, but instead an upgrade slot. But ultimately I do like the direction away from easy instant gratification.

I do think cryptic threw a bunch of nonsense spin on their real reasons for making the changes, and that pissed a lot of people off. Either because they believe they are being lied to, or because it makes Cryptic look incompetent by stating goals that are contrary to implemented design.

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