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11-20-2012, 09:55 AM
Yeah sure, why not take the ultimate tank/heal cruiser and give it even more hull and an insane shield mod of 1.25...

You are aware of the fact that the Odyssey and Bortas C-Store packs are already Fleet ship level right? I mean hull, shield mod and 10 console slots, its all there. The T5 Odyssey/Bortas is just a tease, they are the same as the second anniversary ships and there is really no reason to get them. They are just there for advertisment.

I think we are all aware that people still somehow manage to fail and die with ships like the Odyssey and the Vesta, but creating ridiculous stats that no ship has ever seen before will not solve that.

Edit: Oh, just saw your ships also offer 13 skill slots. Yeah cool, you can never get enough of them. There's nothing else in the game with 13 slots, so I guess that's a good reason the Odyssey should get it.
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