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Originally Posted by coldicephoenix View Post
Lol yeah.. its funny.. but oddlly if you think about it, hes actually right.
Just applying a bit of observation, in this case, observing a phenomena known as "Skill Dilution".

People who like the Bird of Prey series, REALLY like it, and as flexible as the platform is, you learn very quickly what NOT to do on one long before you finish driving your issued Norgh. The follow-up chassis (Ki'tang and Hegh'ta) while tougher, and slightly more versatile, generally follow the same patterns and 'best practices'-you can go back after L50 and hop in your issued Norgh after flying a Hegh'ta, and the layouts you're using will be familiar and similar, if less powerful.

(I observed this as I was preparing to buy my Fleet Norgh-running Ker'rat in the issued ship with console, engine, and weps upgrades to test intended installations when I would acquire said fleet version).

Performance wasn't that far off.

now, I have looked at my fedside alts and found...

this does not follow the same pattern-the performance differences between the low-tier Fedscort and the Advanced are a lot wider, layouts are significantly different, and results aren't as "evolutionary".

a look at the Cmdr Level K'tinga and the issue Vor'cha shows that again, the similarities outweigh the differences and improvements.

even moreso, if you opened a Lockbox and got the Mirror Vor'cha.

I haven't looked at the Z-store gornships, but...I have this suspicion that they are our outliers, along with the Orion cruisers-but you hardly SEE Orion Cruisers or Gorn sci/support ships-most of the time their goodies get stripped by users and the chassis is either put in storage, or discarded.

Contrast that with Fed ships-there is such a variety of Fed ships, that it's easily concieveable that a single Fed character will have driven escort, cruiser variants, and science ships in no particular order as they levelled up.

I think it is fair to also note that the lack of PvE for KDF is also a significant factor-if you don't want to run rehashed FEd material, you're left with Pi Canis for goodies, Federation minefield, and Ker'rat. This tends to ptu an emphasis on your piloting skills (esp. Ker'rat, which is largely PvP and the Dil. missions work easier here than trying to que for it). So not only do you have a very, VERY "regular" progression of ship design, but you're also pressed by circumstances into highly combative, manuevering, learn-your-buffs and boffs style of play early on.

Feds really don't have anything comparable.

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