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Originally Posted by jadonovan View Post
So, I am hoping to get a large amount of helpful feedback from those with experience using some of these new and cool hybrid (or combination) weapon types, and standard energy weapon types. For simplicity's sake, let's just compare the Mk XI versions.

What do I mean when I say Hybrid/Combo?
Plasma-Disruptor Hybrid Mk XI-Rare
Phased Polaron Mk XI-Rare
Polarized Disruptor Mk XI - Very Rare
Phased Tetryon Mk XI - Very Rare

My question is, do these energy types have an advantage? Or am I better off using standard energy weapon types, like fleet gear, crafted gear, etc?
Polarized Disrupors have good synergy, they'll weaken or drop shields and engines(lower defense = higher crits) while also throwing up a hull damage buff. It works well together and is a good 1-2 punch. So do Spiral Disruptors, but they are Galor only, I'm not a huge fan of any of the other.

Plasma Disruptors: good on high hull targets, but the plasma dot is next to useless on targets that die relatively quickly

Phased Polaron: decent for stripping shields.

Phased Tetryon work against each other, the ultimate phaser proc is to offline shields, but your combining it with a proc that does shield damage. It doesn't complement each other well.