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Originally Posted by hevach View Post
It's what the Borg had. Only two species encountered by the Federation have had reliable transwarp drive, and the Borg are the only ones with which they've had a technological exchange, even if it wasn't consensual.
Yes, granted it did appear in the IP, but not quite in this way. The borg transwarp network, at any rate, worked very differently to what we seem to have ingame.

The borg network worked via a few hubs which facilitated a transwarp/subspace conduit network. Ships would exit these conduits via 'apertures' that where not connected to structures like what we have ingame. I don't expect the UFP or the Empire to establish a system exactly as the Borg did (afterall it was regulated by the Borg Queen's control) - but it really seems more like the concept behind the Stargate IP - which is what I was getting at.
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