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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
This issue is still under investigation, so I wanted to pop in and share a few things:

First, a quick confirmation that Battleship and Dreadnought STF ships should now be incapable of landing Critical Hits. This includes Cubes, Tac Cubes, and their Assimilated Klingon counterparts. A similar change will likely be made to ground-based Captain rank STF Borg, if it hasn't already.

Secondly, a few balancing changes will be coming soon that will hopefully once again diminish the chances of being "one-shotted" by Borg NPCs in Space...

1) The damage variance on high-magnitude hits is being cut in half.

This means that, while previously a Plasma Torpedo's damage could vary by as much as 10% +/- its target magnitude, it will soon only be capable of a 5% variance. Since variance is calculated prior to a critter's innate stats and any buffs, what starts as a small % can quickly be magnified into very large numbers. This is why a Borg's Plasma Torpedo may currently hit you for only a couple thousand one second, only to have the next land for tens-of-thousands.

Reducing the overall variance on this type of attack will mean fewer hyper-magnified high-end hits, though their damage floor on these attacks will also be raised concurrently.

2) Borg Plasma DOT magnitudes are being reduced.

Since these DOTs are also magnified by class tables and innate stats, Borg were managing to reliably land very high-magnitude hull DOTs on their targets. Since these ignore shields, we've decided that reducing their overall damage may improve player experience in STF content without significantly diminishing the difficulty and threat of the Borg as a whole.

I'd like to reiterate that the Borgs' ability to deal high-damage DOTs isn't something that recently changed, as far as I can see. It's possible there's been a Software change somewhere that I'm unable to verify, but inquiries into that have yielded no results thus far.

I suspect that the reason players are seeing more Hull Damage, may actually be attributable to the changes made to the Assimilated Ship set. Many players have chosen to try different equipment sets in light of those alterations, and may have been heavily reliant upon the 2-piece Hull Heal proc, which also cleansed Plasma Fires. If this is the case, it may mean that the Borg in general were inaccurately balanced for a specific set of equipment, and more changes will need to be made to bring them in line with other options of play style.

3) The version of Isometric Charge used by NPCs is being nerfed.

Both the damage dealt, and the distance at which the power can "jump" between targets, will be reduced.

Additional changes may be made to balance this ability, but keep in mind that it is used by both the Assimilated Klingons and the Borg Queen's Diamond. It's likely that the latter will see fewer alterations than the former.

And just in case it wasn't clear, none of the above changes should have any effect on the analog abilities used by players.

We'll be checking these changes into QA for testing this week, but I can't guarantee a date on when they'll arrive on Tribble and/or Holodeck. Keep your eyes on the patch notes if you are anxious.
The Assimilated Borg thing is not the case, I've not been using it for weeks and the plasma dot damage was still a very noticeable difference to me.

The isometric is a good change, that particular ability is too random and over the top.

I actually would prefer for the difficulty to not be tweaked, but this should at least somewhat pacify people that for whatever reason are having trouble adapting.


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