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11-20-2012, 10:35 AM
Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
For now, I definitely encourage this path.

A technical solution, if one exists, won't be implemented over the short term, though we're doing some investigating to see what it would take to address this concern for both PvP and STF maps (really, all public queues). Until we can determine what we can do, and whether or not we have the time & resources to implement it, the community will need to take the responsibility upon themselves to encourage better play habits.

I just wanted to let you all know that it's not off the radar to attempt to address this problem. It's far from being an easy fix, though.
The whole part of a design of this magnitude to make sure no one afk's and can complete anything creating bad habits is doing some kind of optional and it would be optional on you getting points or not. So if someone afk's and something is setup that could not be botted like a cool example would be is if you had a pvp time travel match to where say both teams must use 2 different means to travel back in time to a specific map which would be part of the same map technically. A mechanic like that would require all members of a team to do something specific which would be tasks to get into a match. Something complex enough if a person were to not complete the task (the afker) that there would be a timer of some sort if they don't reach the given point they are ejected from the match then another person could enter to take the place of this said afker.

This is why I believe in mostly missions that are PvEvP style because it helps discourage this playstyle and gives individual points in a point system like that too so even if you have a crap team you'd get most of your points from participation where as the afker would get nothing at all. So a design based on afker(0 points), participation 75%, and PvE and PvP skill 25% of points. It's my idea of an across the board type system and if there ever was to be a leaderboard you could rank up there on PvE skill if you wanted to but it would give that edge to those who really just want to PvP with a little bit better PvP related awards to them so it would make the majority happy.