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11-20-2012, 10:38 AM
That certainly would make them much more powerful, and truly be flagships. Just have a couple qualms about it:

1. Multiple fleet ship provisions? Sorry, I really don't agree with this one. Yes it would make it truly a fleet ship in all meanings of the word, the biggest 'prize' you could say of reaching tier 5 shipyards.

But having it need multiple provisions could make a lot of fleets 'shut off' ship buying potentially, or it could be kind of an elitist status symbol to own one.

2. 500,000 FCs and modules is a steep price tag as-is. Would there be no discount given whatsoever to anyone who had the bundles already?

Even so, people in small fleets would never ever reach a tier 5 shipyard (ignoring them leaving to buy it elsewhere), and a large fleet would have a lot of people wanting fleet ships in the first place, not to mention few people having that much FC, let alone an extra module cost.

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