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Originally Posted by fakehilbert View Post
Making the missions give dilithium only for wins is that difficult?
This is one option under review, but it's not a true fix.

AFK'ers still spend their time doing nothing (likely tabbed out, doing something else), and teams can still win without them even if it's less likely. These two factors mean it wouldn't stop an AFK'er from jumping into a Queued Map and waiting for a win so they can earn their Dilithium. Even if that only happens like 10% of the time, that's still 10% of their non-effort. It's a diminished amount, but in the end it means nothing to the type of player that employs this method of earning.

Additionally, players that try their hardest, and don't win, get nothing for their time & effort. If an AFK'er enters a match on their team, they are even less likely to win no matter how much they try.

So, in essence, restricting rewards to a Win condition punishes active players more than it punishes AFK'ers.
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