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11-20-2012, 11:48 AM
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I suspect that the reason players are seeing more Hull Damage, may actually be attributable to the changes made to the Assimilated Ship set. Many players have chosen to try different equipment sets in light of those alterations, and may have been heavily reliant upon the 2-piece Hull Heal proc, which also cleansed Plasma Fires.
Nope. I haven't used the Assimilated set since... ... ! A long time. Mostly using MACO shields and deflector with a Jem'hadar engine, though recently I swapped in the MACO engine (faster sector space travel for the win).

3) The version of Isometric Charge used by NPCs is being nerfed.
All hail Borticus!

Getting individually stomped by high rolls on borg torpedoes is one thing, but I've seen the Negh'vars on CSE instantly wipe out multiple players with that thing. A very unfair weapon in the hands of the borg.