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Hi all

I have been playing S7 for a week now, I have been doing the fleet action to get loot and dil. First off, they lowered the dilitium intake from those fleet action. It was 1444 dilitium before they reinstated dilitium in STF. PWE gave from one hand and took from the other. It was supposed to be a concession, well from my point of view it wasn't.

Thats nothing compare to what I want to say about those Fleet action, the way you get into them doesn't work, its buggy as hell for once. I tried to get into SB24 about an hour ago. I got prompt first time, engaged got into a brand new instance than got shipped back out, didn't even have time to shoot a single shot. Queued again, same thing happened to me 4 times in what I assume was the same instance. Got sick of it so I did something else.

Later I tried again, got send into an already more than halfway done instance. That suck big time, how can you get a chance to be first when 3 times out of 4 I get send into an already going instance close to or more than halfway done. Fix that, it takes all the fun out of doing those. I'd like to at least get a chance to get it, but like that its closed to impossible to do.

And to finish, Brandflake was saying that Fleet action is not about DPS. I call Bu**S**t on that. My tactical toon with Jem'Hadar attack ship rules those fleet action, even without starting at beginning I rarely miss first place (if I don't get send into an half way finished instance). I try the same with my engineer on cruiser (Regent) and I have to work real hard to get first and I only got one so far out of many many missions. I go with an escort, much easier to get first. So Fleet Action not being about dps is complete nonsense, if you want the good stuff you go with high dps machine otherwise hope you don't have competent captains in group.
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