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11-20-2012, 11:23 AM
Originally Posted by notapwefan View Post
It seems that majority of players who are calling for nerf are feds
Predicably-the levelling PvE for Feds is braindead-easy (I actually suspect even our (KDF) Pve's are more difficult/challenging), with a highly linear structure and an AI that really doesn't have much 'intelligence'.

which may be why Stahl&Co. keep trotting out those numbers showing KDF is the minority, when I can't swing a dead cat anywhere but Sirius sector without hitting a KDF toon.

(we may be fewer, but we're more active, and like the PvP groups, more likely to know how the gear actually works, whether it actually works, and how to work the gear we have.)

But FEds crying for Nerf in STF is not new-CSE, KASE, ALL the ground STF's...have all had Feds whining and whinging about borg magikal procs, invisitorps, one-shot-kills, etc. from the start, and good luck finding four feds to run with your fed in Terradome (which is, aside from ACTUALLY NEEDING FIVE PEOPLE , dead easy...)

Not all feds fit the stereotype, though-I've had good runs in Hive Onslaught with mostly-fed PUGs, and a Fed Sci in a Vesta, with a Fedgineer in an Oddy 9when they know they aren't Kirk, and instead channel Sisko) can be a real benefit for us Kangs and Koloths.