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Originally Posted by borticuscryptic View Post
The most annoying part was the plasma dot, although it can be handled by a couple of hazard emitters, something people not using the borg set anymore (like myself) could be reluctant to. But it's clearly how the Borg can finish off a player currently. It can't kill any ship, you have to be severely damaged before that.

I'm not sure about the isometric charges on the klingon assimilated ships... I always saw the instakill as a "punishement" for a lack of teamwork since theneg'var warships don't use it as soon as they spawn, most of the times.

I have to admit that I enjoyed greater challenges, since the new ships are always more and more powerful, so please don't dumb the endgame content even more, it's already incredibly easy as it is. The optionals are supposed to be a challenge, not something you get unless your team is utterly unable to understand how STFs work, and even with random teams it's achievable most of the times.

Originally Posted by cptskeeteruk View Post
Before s7 i could easily kill cures bop in seconds now it takes alot longer to kill em in my jem ship. Somethings buffed their shields or hull alot. Also nanite gens in ISE have been buffed because i used to kill em alot quicker than i am now since s7.
It could be related to power levels, it looks like my cannons are sucking more energy since season 7, although I'm still trying to figure out if it's not just my imagination.

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