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Originally Posted by sophlogimo View Post
There doesn't seem to be anything about carriers in here. Why is that?
well, i sort of have a burning hatred for them lol. i do plan on adding some though, and bops. and i will try to make them as nasty and hate-able as possible, not going to hold back for my own best interest.

Originally Posted by apocalypse2001 View Post
I have a well's on my engineer. Will this be a viable build with an engineer? (sorry, noob question)
that should work fine i would imagine for an eng. as well as anything will work with an eng. an eng with a sci ship though, i have seen energy weapons builds work well, with as many points and consoles into flow cap as possible for max tetryon glider damage.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post

Do these really help that much to lose the two slots?
i would have to say absolutely. both give plenty of extra crit, borg gives +5 to weapons power, temporal gives about 3/4 what a turn rate console will give, and they both give some graviton too. so between the 2 you have more then 1 graviton sonsole will give, more extra weapons energy then even the best energy console would give, a whole bunch of crit that no other console gives, and 3/4 of a turn console. all in 2 consoles.

Originally Posted by bitemepwe View Post

Even though its cheesy until changed, would not TBR1 be a good choice for a Tac low-Aux build?

You could go
HE1 ?
its been fixed, you don't need to worry about TBR crushing you anymore. without a bunch of partial gens to back it up,TBR doesn't do much damage, and this ship only has space for 2. its proboly the ship with the least amount of consoles to work with. 4 tactical has to be filled with 4 tac consoles, its innate console HAS to go some were, your just left with 4 up for grabs.

i would recommend TBR on more durable ships with room for more heals like the sci LTC vet ship, or something like the fleet vorcha, or a more conventional escort. but this ship with your only hull heal being HE1, im not comfortable going into battle with just that. with lots of aux from an aux batt, HE2 does a TON of healing.

on this ship i find a tractor beam works better, especially if you want to keep people stuck in EWP. TSS is extreamly helpful at keeping your shields intact and guarding against lots of incoming damage. i really cant recommend going without them. even with very little aux thier minimum effectiveness is very helpful. also thanks to AtB, you have omega at its global for good tractor defense up time.
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