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11-20-2012, 12:03 PM
I have no preference as to whether you fix this issue or not as I have not seen any real changes in the performance of the BORG myself.

I have never really encountered the BORG one shot either. What I still see is ships up close in the face of CUBES not moving and expecting to withstand the fury of a CUBE scorned and expecting to be able to tank it.......

I run a cruiser specifically built to tank a CUBE and have not seen any issues whatsoever.

Even with the "so called" one shots I have survived them due to a tried and true regime of buffs and movements and skills. I also know many a KDF carrier driver that tank TAC cubes with no issues and know nothing of this ONE SHOT.

That being said I am not refuting its existance but rather saying with proper builds and experience the experience becomes negligible and survivable if properly prepared for.

I have seen the DOT of death though..the other day I was sizzling away and I think the proc was critical because I was hit for 4500 per tick..a little nasty IMO but also My hull resists were on cooldown so I am to blame for no rotating my buffs properly and keeping my hull safe.
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