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Originally Posted by weylandjuarez View Post
Well, by the time you hit VA/LG you're looking for Mk XII, not Mk X - previously I was happy to re-run missions to get a functional set of Mk XI (including perhaps the Aegis set or the Borg set) but all that was required was time.

Now, you can still do that (minus the Borg set) but if your ultimate goal is a full Mk XII setup (something even I don't have since I won't do the absurd missions for Mk XII consoles nor pay the inflated Exchange prices) then why would you sink Dilithium into Mk X gear which is redundant even before you reach VA?

When I was levelling my KDF alts, I got one of them the Mk X Omega ground set purely for the remod and also because it didn't require a lot of Elite space STFs to acquire - I'll be damned if I'm paying the extortionate rep store prices for any (unlikely) future alts though.

The rep system should kick in around level 45 and allow you to put in a little extra effort or spend some of your accumulated resources in order to help you into the STFs and other end-game content. For existing VAs that haven't unlocked the Mk XII gear, all the Mk XI should be unlocked for them should they wish to buy it. For those that have full Mk XII sets, the rep system (for Omega at least) should just be a storefront.
My original thought was that it should start around level 30 for the reasons you just outlined-MkX is first available at Level 40, and by 45 it's already outdone by XI, and utterly obselete by 50 (unless you're arming your Bridge officers).

otoh, unlocking the passives earlier gives players a chance to learn and understand their function and limitations, and unlocking the MkX borg gear and sets at 40 instead of 50 puts level-appropriate gear presumably in level-appropriate hands, and would thus make the time-gating iinherent to the system, much, much, more sensible.

As to Dilithium costs? well...that's the model they're going to insist on using. It WOULD be nice if, since the Omega and Romulan stores are so heavily gated, the gear itself was priced more in line with the standard Dilithium store, instead of running over ten grand a pop.