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Mirror Vor'cah, using DEM. Maybe not definitive, but worth a watch.

Anyone talking about DPS and parsers. Calculating DPS for a match is sort of a waste of time. There's far to many unknowns for that to be a useful number. Even if you compared that number only to ships of the same type as yours in the same match as yours the only thing you might discover is your relative contribution in that particular match. You have no controls, no benchmarks, and no data on variables that impact your readings. That makes them junk. You could argue that but oh well see where it gets you.

Inside of a match the best way to improve your contribution is to study your actual contribution. Seems obvious. Are you using all your buffs as they are available? Are you activating your fleet ability on top of another ability, wasting them? Are you using movement buffs or moving power to engines to get on target quickly? Are you staying alive and healing your team?

A parser may tell you if your tragically below par. But it won't tell you why.

Cheers and happy flying!

EDIT: It is also more fun to make video of yourself and SEE things that you miss as they happened. Combined with combat log data you have a much more powerful tool than just the log data alone.

Also for some reason I showed the scrolling log in the video, and didn't mention why. Why I did was to show that DEM does add damage to each shot, and it isn't normalized. It adds what it adds so it is most effective with turrets or dual cannons, benefiting from the high rate of fire.

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