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11-20-2012, 12:31 PM
Coming late to this conversation but this:

2) Borg Plasma DOT magnitudes are being reduced.
is the only major issue I've had with Season 7 STFs - the plasma DoT has been simply evil - my Excelsior's previously been able to tank the gates from 100% to zero without going under but the plasma DoT's been wiping me out far too often.

On several occasions I've had 75% hull remaining and full shields then something with the plasma crits and *BOOM!* gone. Been using full MACO Mk XII only for a long time too.

Stuff like the torpedos firing from all angles and the Iso's are of no consequence to my Tac/Excel build - If I hit BFI and PH quick enough I'll live to fight again but the plasma DoT is just plain dirty.

Originally Posted by adabisi View Post
Even with the "so called" one shots I have survived them due to a tried and true regime of buffs and movements and skills. I also know many a KDF carrier driver that tank TAC cubes with no issues and know nothing of this ONE SHOT.
Well, what can I say? It exists but in my experience the Borg need to have a shield facing down to pull it off so I don't really consider it a 'one-shot' - possibly with ships less equipped for shield/hull tanking it's a real issue though - all my ships (Tac/Eng/Sci) are specced to be able to tank Borg crits though so it's not a problem for me.

I imagine those that were reliant on the Borg set are suffering from it much more now though.
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