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# 17 remove hanover2 comment
11-20-2012, 12:42 PM
can a Mod please consider removing hanover2's comment, I believe it is offensive and possibly against regs:

1.) Bashing of a follow forum poster - who ever said phonics was required, who even knows if english is spacebreeder's first language.
2.) Does not add to the topic at hand and was purely to point out spacebreeder's grammar failures.

Now to the topic at hand:
- Though I do agree these are dilithium sink holes, a fleet of 300 active people should not have an issue with dilithium. If many of them are ALTs then I could see so, however a good solid fleet of 100 let alonge 300 active members should not be having problems.

As I have stated several time before in the forums, I am always willing to help ingame on techniques, and game play plans to gather FM or Dil. msg me @franc275 if anyone is interested.