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11-20-2012, 12:46 PM
Dilithium earning wasn't cut, it was normalized. Many of us had been, for a long time, enjoying exploits to earn it much quicker than the devs intended. And we knew it. All of us knew we were circumventing the intent of the system and just hoped Cryptic would keep looking the other way. Now there are no ways to earn it that are substantially faster than others. Does this slow me down? Sure. Is it unfair? No.

Now, as for how to help, I'm still working on that. For the most part, you can do what you used to do, except now there's no more exploits on B'Tran and Officer Reports.

1. Doffs - Load it up with as many missions as you can that grant more than the base 5. Turn over contraband, send off some colonists, rack up as many of the 50 dilithium assignments as you have available. When you log in the next day, scoop up your 3000-3500 dil. Good start.

2. Lore - Click to win 480 Dil.

3. Do an exploration tour - This is pretty quick, and now that B'Tran isn't especially profitable you can just do it anywhere. No need to worry about Borg slowing you down.

4. Starbase 24 and other FAs - Run Starbase 24 every 30 minutes while you do other stuff. Decent groups can plow through pretty quick. I've only rarely had a group that struggled. Other FAs only if you want and you can actually get a group

5. Eta Eridani trilogy and Deferi trilogy - Get practiced and these don't take long.

6. Events - Mine for dilithium only when the event is active. Then theres the big boy: Academy. Get good at the Academy event. You can pull well over 5k dilithium in an hour out of this. It is your bread and butter, do it whenever it comes up.

7. STFs - Done with all that other stuff? Run some STFs then. I always said using STFs as your primary way to get dilithium was silly. There are so many faster and less frustrating ways to do this (unless you run with a group that you know can do them fast). For the most part, getting dilithium on STFs is a bonus/consolation for the fact that they take an investment of time away from doing actual dilithium granting tasks.

Now, all that said, I do wish there were dilithium rewards on just about everything. Even token ones, 240 dil, something. Just so people don't feel so conflicted whenever they run content that doesn't help them reach their 8k cap.