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Originally Posted by spacebreeder View Post
dont care fr re-runs u cant make dill due poop s7 and changes NO MORE DILL SINK HOLES

unless u drop the cost of them or pick a different curentce u have too much on dill sink holes and not giving enough out u killed stf's with the changes sorry u can poke it

my hole fleet of 300 poeple are NOT doing the embassy due to the fsb costing too much dill as is u realy trying hard to kill this game u turnd it to a 9-5 job and very boring allmost to the point of not playing anymore

and dont mind lock boxes i just trash them along with all the other junk from this game
I think there are two pints worth emphasising.

1/ The special cosmetic projects could be made cheaper. After all a bartender only costs 80k dilithium and that actually does something.

2/ There are alternate currencies/in game commodities used to donate to balance it out.

I beleive Gold pressed latinum has been mentioned as an idea and seems to be a rather forgotten currency.