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11-20-2012, 01:55 PM
I think the main point that people are trying to make is that there are new 3 main player areas being the ship interior, fleet base, and now the embassy. All 3 of these should be customizable otherwise there is no point to them, they become nothing more than ESD or any other station. The limited time projects ARE the only small amount of customizing we have control over because we can pick and chose which ones to do or not to do and therefore make our areas look somewhat different than others.

My fleet went from 15 active members to 2 because they got so fed up with the dilithium sinks and then new ones being added with season 7 that they up and left the game. Most people probably know 1 or 2 people that have left or are very much considering leaving.

Optional or not the outrageous amount of Dilithium costs are crippling small and medium fleets either from trying to keep up with resource demands or people leaving.

Right now just in non-optional projects from the fleet and embassay I need over 350k dilithium. Add in two optionals and a min of 750k that's insane with the lessened amounts you can gain per event and with the 8k cap still in place.

And one last thing, If the average player was only averaging 3300 dilithium per day as stated then why was it necessary to remove the 1 click foundry missions, these were of massive help for the small to medium fleets??

Season season has taken away soooo much and given so little in return.