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Originally Posted by zer0niusrex View Post
Correct -- the missions that Yanishev and B'Mera grant.
NOT the individual Fleet Actions themselves.
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figured the daily double dip was going to be addressed soon...

Still - without having to sneak around to gather these 4 pick it plants, runabouts, minerals, etc. more effort into killing enemies faster. = Quicker in and out of the fleet actions.

Can you look into something? The Klingon Scout Force - seems to take forever for the ships to appear in the first wave, and yet in the Gorn minefield they are everywhere, and if you die you're back at the beginning - good luck getting through to the end. Just an observation - maybe it's just me.
easy way to get around the gorn minefield spawn ambush --> max power to engines, evasive and fly up and over everyone to the next area.