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11-20-2012, 01:04 PM
Thank you Brandon, glad this is helping getting our thoughts out to you as well as what is going down on your end to us.

As is, I can understand that with some missions there is a nice point where things even off and you don't need to go back. Granted, some I will hold back from submitting because I feel there are features that could make it better, but that isn't all of my missions. So, chances are you'll see my already spotlighted mission on the list.

The one thing that still worries me is the spell checking, but, that may be a personal issue. One of my fleets in jokes is poking fun at my horrific spelling at times in game and remarking about their disbelief I put out what missions I do. I've always had issues with spelling and grammar (read as "grammer") in English so it's part of my internal struggles. I'll be flat out and say it, if I submit a mission for spotlighting and loose that control, and see one of my spelling errors I missed (and they will always be there) it's going to stick out in my mind like a cut diamond inside my shoe.

Unfortunately, with the current setting that is something I will have to live with. But I will remark now some kind of way to clear that up a little better for something Cryptic is saying is alongside their content would be beneficial to both parties. Don't know how to make that happen, cause I really believe a Cryptic QA team sweeping through it once to edit themselves for a single "thier" is a bit of an outlandish expectation. Still, it's a concern I'd like to voice.

Every author gets a low rating for a miss spelled word. If Cryptic backs something officially with a few in there, you'll have some crazy ragers blaming you as well as us.

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