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11-20-2012, 01:04 PM
Originally Posted by hevach View Post
This will leave FA's a wasteland? Hang on a sec, let me count some stuff.

Right now there are:
5 Starbase 24's
3 Gorn Minefields
1 Breaking the Planet with 16/20 people (declining, mission may have stalled out)
2 Klingon Scout Force
1 Big Dig with 5/20 people (building, but still on the second objective without hitting double digits)

12 fleet actions running concurrently before peak hours, only half of which have a daily attached at all, and today's daily is the least active of all 12.

Taking away something that only affects the least active will definitely destroy the other eleven. Yep, your logic sure does check out.
Your argument/logic is flawed, since it's based on the current Holodeck build. Once this Tribble build goes live, and the Daily reward is removed, THEN you can use your argument to counter mine. Until then, I stick by my convictions, in suggesting that Fleet Actions will become an even greater wasteland than it currently is.

By your own numbers;

5 Starbase 24's = 5 x 20 players = 100 players
3 Gorn Minefields = 3 x 20 players = 60 players
1 Breaking the Planet with 16/20 people
2 Klingon Scout Force = 2 x 20 players = 40 players
1 Big Dig with 5/20 people

What happened to all those "Big numbers" of F2P players, Cryptic? By my count, this list above shows fewer than 250 people either in a Fleet Action, or queued for one. Granted, it's no longer the "best" source for Dilithium, but still.